Middle School PE Rules

Fort Zumwalt School District

Middle School Physical Education Rules

  1. Students are expected to be in the gym/locker rooms before the bell starts ringing.  

  1. Gum, candy, cough drops, cell phones, and jewelry are not allowed in class.

  1. Grading:  Students will receive a grade for dressing out and participating each day.  The participation grade will be based upon the student’s ability to follow directions and the effort displayed during the activity that day.  The grades will be determined as follows:

¼ of the grade is based on assessments

¾ of the grade will be based on dressing out and participation

  1. Students are expected to bring the following clothes for Physical Education class:

    1. Sneakers/Tennis shoes laced and tied.

    2. Socks – white or athletic socks are recommended

    3. Athletic shorts or sweatpants are recommended.  The pants must have elastic waistbands, and the tops must remain at the waist – no sagging.  Jean shorts, boxer shorts, blue jeans or cargo pants/shorts are not to be worn in class.  Shorts must be appropriate length and adhere to the school dress code.

    4. T-shirts or sweatshirts.  T-shirts must have sleeves.  No thin straps or tank tops.  No midriffs showing.  Shirts must have sleeves.

    5. You may not wear your school clothes in PE or your PE clothes back to class.

    6. You cannot wear PE clothes under your school clothes.

  1. Students not dressing out will receive the following penalty:

Any student that does not dress out will not be allowed to participate and will receive a 0 grade for that day. Parents will be contacted when a student fails to dress out for the third time. Subsequent “No Dresses” may result in counselor or principal consultation.

  1. Parent Notes/Medical Excuses:

    1. A parent may excuse a student for two PE days by written or e-mail notification.  The student will complete a written assignment for each day missed.  

    2. A medical excuse from a physician will be required to excuse a student for longer than two days.  These notes may be given to your PE teacher or taken to the school nurse.  The student will complete a written assignment for each day missed.  

    3. A long term medical excuse will be referred to the counselor.

  1. Absences:  If a student is absent and that absence is excused, the student will be required to complete a written assignment for each day missed.  An unexcused absence will be a 0 grade for that day.

  1. All injuries must be reported to the teacher immediately.

Physical education at the secondary level will include the following:

  1. Student will have approximately five minutes to dress for class.  After dressing students must assemble in the gym for attendance and announcements.

  2. There will be general conditioning and warm-up activities.

  3. The class will include fitness development, fitness concepts, reviewing and developing skills and game play.

  4. Evaluation

  5. Dressing time for the next class will be five minutes.


  1. Bring PE clothes to school with you the first day of each week regardless of whether or not it is an “A” or “B” day.

  2. Take clothes home to be washed every Friday.

  3. Keep a second set of clothes (t-shirt/shorts) in locker as a “back-up”.

  4. Exercise and be active at home.

“It is the growing belief that any advances made in improving the nation’s health will not result from spectacular biomedical breakthrough.  Rather, advances will result from personally initiated actions that are directly influenced by the individual’s health related attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge.  School health education and physical education can make valuable contributions in areas such as these and can play an important role in improving the quality of life.”

The American Medical Association

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